I believe that was his nick. Something or other. He used to terr several levs at once. Was fortunate enough to be able to do some runs with him.

You know LTing is an art of its own. And it gets much harder dealing with several levs attached at once. You usually see them accidentally tk each other and the terr generally having difficulty wielding all that bomb fire power (staying far enough from walls, dealing with warbirds rushing in for the kill and just looking unsure of what to do and afraid to die). You also attract a lot more attention and hence hunting efforts, so staying alive becomes much more of challenge.

This guy however, I've never seen anything like it, before or since. We would just dominate base from our own private LT freq. This was before ppl would spawn into mid, so they had to up the tunnel. We regularly kept side entrances into mid shut with mines to prevent quick escape and possible rush attacks. We would just devastate pub arena and keep pub freqs out of safe.

Best LT I ever saw.

Recently did an LT run again with retroaction (thx man). Was such a long time ago since I did one. So cool man the LTing game within the game. Just another reason why this game rocks.