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Thread: TSLB Drafting

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    TSLB Drafting

    There are different ways to do TSLB drafting, and it's not clear which is best suited to this league. What do we want from it? Are we happy enough with how it currently works? Discuss...

    Season 1 - Attempt 1
    - Initially the terrs would be distributed between the teams, then the sharks would be distributed between the teams, then the spiders would be distributed between the teams.
    - Imagine it like a captain picking an average shark over a top-tier spider.
    - That made some very imbalanced teams.

    Season 1 - Attempt 2
    - In response to imbalanced teams, drafting was changed to distribute players between the teams based on their overall rating.
    - Overall ratings don't guarantee that everyone gets a complete team (1 terr, 2 sharks, 4-5 spiders).
    - But it does generally work 'okay'.

    Rab Draft
    - I wrote a proof of concept to see if I could do a better job by trying to make the bot pick like a real captain would.
    - Draft is a snake draft (like TWDT).
    - Each captain behaves the same way.
    - Captains try to get the best rated players available, but also prioritise certain ships. (requires per-ship ratings)
    - As rounds of picking progress, your standards lower. (e.g. in round 1 you won't pick a mid-rated terr, but in round 3 you might have to).
    - Have awareness of which of the teams is your opponent, and respond to what they pick (so you don't get out-sharked for example).
    - Almost guarantees a complete team (1 terr, 2 sharks, 4-5 spiders).
    - Almost guarantees the maximum value from your picks (assuming ratings are accurate).
    - Knows what role people were picked for, so can include that in the draft results output.

    - Rab-draft is effective, *if* your objective is to pick the most competitive teams possible with the players available.
    - Some people want to play certain ships which aren't necessarily their best ship. If in Rab-draft someone chooses not to play the ship they were picked for, you can end up with a worse result than the current draft.
    - I saw some people trying to specify what ship they wanted to play, saying things like "!p terr". This feels nice to an individual. But to a bot trying to create 2-4 solid teams it's a real pita.
    - If there's only enough players for 2 teams, would captains prefer to pick manually?
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