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    Should we remove blueout so people can type in pubchat during games. Does anyone even care?

    People can always use the ?nopubchat command if it bothers them.

    What do you guys think?
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    can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???

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    I think just leave it. There's no real need to talk in blue when ur meant to be playing.

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    no blueout
    1:waven> u challenge
    1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

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    Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.

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    Keep blueout
    4:Best> pressure was a terr for halloween 4:Best> guy had 4 dudes on him attached

    4:Siaxis> what time is it in zimbobwe para?

    4:Children> every morning i wake up, look in the mirror and thank god i'm not paradise

    4:Best> Mighty's forehead has wifi

    4:Mighty> u guys ever eat a ketchup sandwich?

    4:sphinx> mighty fought a raccoon in an alley for some bbq chips

    4:RaCka> so what if paradise is dressing up as a slim jim for halloween?

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    You can talk in Green with :: / and "

    You can talk in yellow with // and '

    You can talk in red with ;

    No need to talk in blue errr ... or I mean white

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    keep blueout.


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    no blueout
    Menomena: I thought you were joking when you said your name was Chris. lol
    Gripe: lol you too
    Menomena: ! I told you my name first

    Slum> turb watches too much anime he going DBZ on you right now b

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