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    Franchise Tag

    I'd like to give every Captain one Franchise Tag.

    They can use this Franchise Tag once, to reduce one player's rating in one league by 5 points.

    It is non-transferable, untradable, and cannot be used again.

    It would be locked until Week 2, to prevent Captains from shooting themselves in the foot and using it too early on someone who hasn't established their showrate over two weeks.

    The purpose of this will be to provide a ton of flexibility and convenience to each team as their situation evolves.

    If you're struggling in one league to find a good Elite (0-85) player, you can franchise tag a 90 Rating player and turn him into an 85. Perhaps you're solid at the Max and Elite slots, and your team in TWDT-J would be perfect if that 77 Rated player was instead a Veteran Slot player (0-75). Maybe you had exactly two Max slot players planned out for TWDT-D, but come free agency a great warbird falls to you, and there are no good other picks. Instead of being screwed, you can use your Franchise tag on someone to select him and still use him.

    The point is, no one can predict where the inefficiency or issue for a team will fall, and having a flexible Franchise Tag to slot one player into a lower slot 1x could be a huge boon for every team, especially given that we've eliminated one Max Slot (0-100) in every league this season.

    I'll speak to the captains and see how they feel about the Franchise Tag. If 4/6 approve, we'll go forward with it. If not, we'll scrap it.
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