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Thread: TSL All-Star Minimum $ Value Requirements?

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    TSL All-Star Minimum $ Value Requirements?

    The Top 10 players in every league will still make the finals, but I was wondering what you guys thought about establishing a minimum value requirements to get the trophy and be on the arena graphic?

    To me, something reasonable would be setting the TSLD and TSLJ minimum value to $450.

    I think this is a fairly low bar -- every single All-Star last season posted well over $500, and I expect everyone in the Top 10 to be well above this. $450 is absolute minimum I think based on how players have been performing, and only requires about a $22 dollar average over your 20 best games.

    You can see here the values from Season 1:

    Furthermore, every player in TSLD and TSLJ top 10 was over 10 KPG, with the exception of Zidane in warbird, who had like 9.7 KPG.

    I think these have established minimum standards of play, and will be looking at the Season 2 stats to ensure those standards are maintained, and that players hit $450 and at least 9 or 9.5 KPG. If they don't, they'll still receive the trophy on TWD website and be in the top 10 list and get a starting spot in Finals, but I won't put the trophy next to their name on the arena graphic. It's important that player's accomplishments match the quality of play we set in Season 1, and that it applies across seasons even as the population dwindles.

    I also think 90 KPG (or, more accurately, 90 kills per 30 minutes) in spider is appropriate and 500 adjusted dollars.

    These standards will ONLY affect the arena graphic -- and not impact the TWD medals or Finals starters.
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    I am on board. Go for it.


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    In my opinion someone should have decent average as well. I mean.. Jessup has 50 games atm, but people with 20-30 games have about the same ranking if not better. This is the part I talked about last season as well. Someone with many games have a better chance to get high top 20 games...
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