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Thread: Ogron Rage Quit a TSLB match

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    Ogron Rage Quit a TSLB match

    Ogron rage quit a TSLB match.. putting this here for the record

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    Not that I need to explain myself to you, but there's a storm going on where I live, and the power went out 3x in the span of several minutes. I text messaged multiple players telling them to get someone to sub me.

    You're a complete and utter cancer to this zone, and 90% of the players in TSL wish you would never log in or post on these forums again.
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    You have no lag out listed which is proof you hit esc q. If you lagged out from a storm it would be listed as lo. I request sysop look into this.
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    After much deliberation, I have decided to issue Ogron a warning for this rageout in his area.

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