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Thread: GLYDE -- BANNED for not showing up for tsl

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    GLYDE -- BANNED for not showing up for tsl

    axed for 2days

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    This is your final warning, GLYDE.
    Violence> lag cheating niggir
    JAMAL> laggy no skill nebwie
    JuanJuan> you a fucking lagass cheater
    mAZe Of tOrM> try more faggot
    mAZe Of tOrM> u suck dick
    Shadowmere> Nice lag you fagf

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    ?go wbduel
    You are not banned, Glyde. Who told you this nonsense?
    "Action is the real measure of intelligence. "
    Napoleon Hill

    wiibimbo>I'm gonna take u out next week for a beer and pizza at Leonardo' homo tho! I prefer big boobs
    Dral>I can get implants

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