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Thread: I'm resigning from TWDT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vys View Post
    Recruit Ogron to staff
    Make him Head of leagues
    Give him powers he's earnt from the hard work
    Let him continue to make the leagues fun for all with his time and effort he puts in
    Axe Jessup from staff
    Axe Jessup from the game
    Axe Jessup head clean off her shoulders and host a game of football using her head as the ball.
    I should thank jessup and ogron. Myself, Ricko and Vys havent agreed on anything togethor in years, untill the opinion jessup should stfu, and ogron should be left to run leagues
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    If there's no twd, the game already died. Soon as the server stops, some nerd will actually remake this game and have the codes to make pub way better than the depressive shit that we have now. Sooner the better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fork View Post
    some nerd will actually remake this game and have the codes to make pub way better than the depressive shit that we have now. Sooner the better.
    How exactly would any version of pub be good enough for the current generation of gamers who are spoiled for choice? You might get a few people to try it out on Steam if it (deceptively) doesn't imply that the game is older than they are, but they will quit soon enough anyway. After that you'll just have FreeSpirit and whoever else flying around in pub talking shit at eachother until they finally succumb to old age, with 5 semi-afk vets sitting in sub-arenas reminiscing about the good old days.


    I'm all for giving Ogron complete control over the league, but at this stage it doesn't even matter, since TWDT does not have enough people signed up. He should be somewhat more professional when in charge, however.

    Another thing to note is how active will the actual people who signed up so far for TWDT be? Last TWDT was already shrunk into 6 teams and we still had a number of forfeits. Now, Ogron did suggest some form of extensive borrowing to fix this issue, but I'm not sure that the population of the game is really healthy/interested enough for this whole thing, so sadly I will have to agree with Cres for once - just let it be, unless some miracle happens (i.e. influx of 30 more sign ups).


    I could say a whole lot more about this Jessup/Ogron drama, but I choose not to. Not that anyone cares or should care.
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