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Thread: Whats up faggots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kthx View Post
    I just want Jerome to admit that socialism is retarded.
    Most countries are a blend of capitalism and socialism, the US being one of the most prominent examples. Taking away Social Security is about as unthinkable as disbanding the NYSE at this point. I don't think there's anyone pushing to remove SS. But if they were "real" capitalists, they would of a necessity, because that's big government sticking its nose where it doesn't belong.

    Pure capitalism is pure plutocracy, rule by the affluent/powerful (same thing), and utter tyranny. Pure socialism/communism is quickly captured by a Leninist-style elite ("well, sheeeeeit, this dictatorship of the proletariat ain't gonna lead itself"), usually by people who were rich before the inevitable violent revolution needed to institute said "pure" socialism, and who invested a lot of capital in order to get that "revolution," aka de facto coup, to take root.

    Both are idealistic in the extreme, one ascribing some truth or beauty or godlike quality to a perfect "market" which has never existed and never will exist, the other assuming the good nature of human beings -- something which is extremely naive if you're any student of history. In practice the two must somewhere meet. The balance can be debated, and the implementation. But for the most part, a blend of socialism and capitalism is the only real form of modern governance, and probably will be so for the foreseeable future.
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    Nah, socialism is for starving faggots
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