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Thread: Siaxis - Warned for RageQuittin Discussion Thread

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    Siaxis - Warned for RageQuittin Discussion Thread

    Siaxis> rage quit?
    Siaxis> i got dc/d you fkin idiot
    Siaxis> im playing ogron, dont warn me if if d/c
    Siaxis> guys a lil bitch
    Siaxis> you gotta be a real bitch to make a closed thread on forums
    skyforger> ya ogron
    skyforger> why is it closed
    skyforger> we wanna discuss this outrage

    Lets discuss folks. What happened? I know someone who rage quits 3.5x a day and never got a warning.
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    OGron is the definiton of rage, after he got slapped in TWLB finals he raged for 7 hrs after the match. Dont get me started on when i bitch slapped him out of TWLD semi-s. He is the king ragequit, who gave this idiot powers?? lol
    tmaC> 1:fireballz> im the greatest coordinator of all time
    capE> lucky he didnt say captain
    capE> LOL BURN

    Tapzu> tamzu vleane, we all know tou copied that nick from me

    1:merce> ima go take a shower and try to suk my own dick

    9:Fludd> guys, i want u all to know something..
    9:megaman89> fludd go play monopoly with children and dome

    1:Kentaro> nice gay name elven
    1:Kentaro> suits you well
    1:PUTAO> fuk urself fuk emo, ur mother suck mu penis all day screaming my name

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    he made up a post that Beasty allowed him to do whatever the hell he wants, which Beasty denies to have done. in actuality he is not staff at all for obv reasons

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