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    Borrowing is the same as in prior years, you can borrow low-star slot players (0-65) in both the regular season and the playoffs. They can't be over 75 in ANY league.

    A new addition I'd like to try, however, is allowing each team to borrow a max player slot (0-100) in the playoffs only.

    MAX Slot Playoff Borrow

    Here is the argument for this move:

    You have a great season, you make the playoffs, you drafted a strong, balanced team that is competitive in all three leagues. Unlike TWL, however, where teams stack, you are thin at every position because you tried to win every league. Anyone missing from your MAX slots is an unmitigated disaster.

    You reach the Finals, and your elite starting shark who played almost every week can't show. Boom, the Finals turns into a joke and you get stomped.

    Or he does show, but he's lagging. Well, you had a good run. Better luck next time.

    This rule would allow you to borrow one player of equal or lesser value in the same ship from a team that has already been eliminated. Last season, Terrorist could have replaced Dwopple with another quality shark and produced a much better game, or Brexit could have replaced Iron Survivor when he started lagging, which completely shifted the tides of the game.

    If you're missing multiple players, or have several players with lag issues, well... tough break -- you can't replace the entire team -- then it's not the players who got there in the first place winning, and it's just some random team.

    But I think giving teams the ability to borrow 1 top-tier player for someone they were counting on makes a ton of sense, and would produce much better playoffs, without drastically altering the composition of the team.

    It also promotes Captains drafting more balanced teams, since they don't need that "extra" safety blanket of another elite player in x league to make sure they're stacked and a missing player doesn't destroy their season.

    What this MAX Slot Playoff Borrow doesn't do:

    It doesn't let you replace someone you drafted who never showed. You picked poorly, and you got burned. You can still replace that player in the FA draft. This slot is to replace a key all-star player who just can't show or lags. For example, Baratheon drafted Hellkite in the 1st round, he played Week 1, then never showed again. He would not qualify for replacement as he was not a key piece who helped them reach the playoffs.

    It doesn't let you replace someone after you got into a fight with them and they quit. If you told them to log off and uninstall, you don't get to simply replace them.

    You can't replace a spider with an 88 basing rating with a terr with 87 rating, and try to abuse the system to get a ship you need. They have to play the same ship and be rated equal or worse in that ship. You can't switch them mid-game for that purpose, either.

    You don't get to pick who the replacement is, or whether a player qualifies for a Max Slot Playoff Borrow. The TWDT Ops, in discussion with the captains, should determine if someone was a legit starter and contributor, and who a fair replacement would be. This is very much a spirit of the law component, but I would say, at a minimum, the player needs to:

    1) Have shown 3 weeks if drafted initially, or 2 weeks if a free agent.
    2) The replacement player has to be of equal or lesser rating, without exception

    I think this could really be a great rule, and provide a lot of relief to hardworking Captains who are constantly struggling to get full shows come playoff time while managing thin rosters.

    Player Slots

    Pretty similar to past seasons, the only difference is we're eliminating one MAX player slot in every league to account for veteran population decline, and replacing it with one ELITE player spot.

    We're also moving to a centrigrade system to be more precise.

    If you want to think of it in last season's terms, instead of 7-Star and 6-Star slots, we now have 8.5-Star, 7.5-Star, and 6.5-Star player slots.


    TWDT-D -- 3:00PM EST
    TWDT-D -- 3:30PM EST
    TWDT-J -- 4:00PM EST
    TWDT-J -- 4:30PM EST
    TWDT-B -- 5:00PM EST

    TWDT-B -- 5:30PM EST


    Trades close 30 minutes before the start of Week 3, to prevent league dumps after accruing Overall wins in the league you dump.

    Trades will be evaluated by the Trade calculator. Every Captain gets 4 trades. A trade is defined as a single transaction of any number of players between two captains, and both are charged 1 trade.

    Playing Down A Man

    Playing down a man counts as 0-65 slot. Playing down two is a forfeit in TWDT-D and TWDT-J. Playing down two counts as a 0-65 slot and 0-75 slot in TWDT-B. Playing down three is a forfeit in base.

    All forfeits result in a 50-0 or 15:00-0:00 loss for tiebreak purposes.

    Adding Players Over Star Limit

    -Any kills/reps/active play that affects the game before the player either specs or is subbed will result in a 50-0 forfeit in TWDT-D/TWDT-J, and a 15:00-0:00 loss in TWDT-B.
    -Active play includes (but is not limited to) terring, sharking, firing shots, or drawing fire.
    -A player being AFK in spawn or not moving is not forfeitable.
    -Make sure your Assistants are aware of the rules and have the Star Sheets bookmarked for each league. Ignorance is not an excuse.


    Trading names to get around Star Limits is a season-ending ban. No warning.

    There are no current bans in effect. Everyone is welcome to play and enjoy TWDT.

    That said, acting like an entitled, petulant child, crying about your TWDT star rating and demanding to be removed then re-added later like we're your personal slaves, etc. will get you banned. Make all the posts you want, cry to upper staff, I promise you it won't work. I will not put up with your shit. We're not paid to do this, and it's a lot of work. The only thing I ask is you not actively try to make our lives a living hell while we run it.


    -4 of 6 teams qualify for the playoffs.
    -The top 4 squads with the most Overall wins make the playoffs
    -#1 takes on #4, while #2 takes on #3 in the Semi-Finals.
    -Tiebreaks: Most Wins In Your Worst League, Head-to-head record, then plus-minus overall (with minutes counting as kills/deaths)
    -Star Cap Limits remain in place for the playoffs
    -Borrowing is allowed (preferably from eliminated teams.) Borrowed players who play a full game in the Semis or Finals earn a medal starting this season for their contributions.
    -Playoffs Format is is a Best of 3 in TWDT-D, TWDT-J, and TWDT-B. All warbird and javelin games are to 50, and all basing games are to 15 minutes.

    Playoff Schedule

    The playoff schedule will likely be different and follow the TWL schedule adopted to accommodate best-of-3 series, meaning TWDT-D games will start one hour early, and TWDT-J games 30 minutes early.

    TWDT-D -- 2:00PM EST
    TWDT-J -- 3:30PM EST
    TWDT-B -- 5:00PM EST

    I understand this will be slightly frustrating and take some effort to get the message out the final week of regular season play, telling your players used to logging in at 3pm EST that games now start 2pm EST, we'll try to zoner and actively get captains to let their players know the change, or else the finals can drag on a bit late, especially for Europeans.

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