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Thread: Microsoft and its "borrowing" technique

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    Question Microsoft and its "borrowing" technique


    I have just read a post in another forum about Microsoft and Palladium, and it was explaining that M$ is going to use its own version of TCP/IP soon, over Palladium.

    So I thought "way to go, M$, they stole another product/protocol/whatever."

    I did remember my network teacher talking against M$ saying how they "created" their NTFS system (for people that doesnt know, Microsoft slighty changed another file system known as NWFS used on Novell Netware, and used that modified version as NTFS), and then I thought that there are FOR SURE other BS that microsoft did in the same spirit (stealing others technologies),

    So I searched for websites listing that and didnt found anything listing that...

    So does any of you have pointers (or know others gossips like that)?
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    hehehehehe stealing a protocol.

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    Originally posted by ConcreteSchlyrd
    I stole bloodzombie's heart.

    And the Lindbergh baby.
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