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Thread: Standings -- Week 2

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    Standings -- Week 2

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    2:RaCka> I wonder what turban's real name is
    2:Ogron> turb's name IRL is tellixador icantshow
    2:RaCka> LOL
    2:Heaven> LOl

    Ogron> what's your showrate, i got the next FA pick
    24> i can only show Week 2

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    What is more important, javelin or warbird am wondering.
    100% Trench Wars, the right choice -Continuum 4.0 and Beyond, Sniper to Subspace then the Mash of Trench Wars Basing
    lunch3>give them hell
    brookus>inv i hate you
    Holydude>hey dudes
    iNv>are you dark!
    darCk>no, i am darCk
    Cobra Squadron - former at whiterabbits squad, fan and member: Invincible
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    ~Babylon 5 spider insider.

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    No one, both got good basers, but wb for young boys while jav for daddys IMO

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