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Thread: TWDT-B Week 3 HoN (Will be updated with more games as I have time)

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    TWDT-B Week 3 HoN (Will be updated with more games as I have time)

    TWDT-B Week 3 HoN

    Terrorist vs. Grim Dawn: 15:00 - 1:41

    Line ups:

    Terrorists Max slots: Dreamwin(5) Turban(3) Porkjet(8) Hellkite(3) Elite: Omega Red(8) Veteran: Jammu(3) Kentaro(3) Amateur: Captain Lonestar(3)
    Grim Dawn Max slots: Zizzo(3) Henry Saari(3) Elite: Steep(8)[->3] TJ Hazuki(3) Ricko(3) Veteran: Beasty(8) Jessup(5) Amateur: Wirah(3)[Sub out] IxaDor(8)[Sub in]

    This was a total walloping, Terrorist showed no mercy in this slaughter of Grim Dawn. The Initial flagroom fight set the pace for the game where Grim Dawn was thrown out in under a minute with only 7 seconds of flag time. Dreamwin took care of Jessup with a early burst. From here on out this was just a boring cramfest where Turban did his best lady in high heels impression prancing around dodging bullets like they were puddles of standing water in the street. He finally died with 41 or 42 kills on his 1st life of the game. Meanwhile Porkjet&Omega Red did their best impression of a brick wall and it worked well until a minor hickup at 14 minutes into the game let Grim dawn into the FR. They managed to win the fight because of a unfortunate portal placement from Dreamwin. But the joy was short-lived as Terrorist again showed they know how crams are broken and burst into the FR to seal the deal.

    Hot: Turbo Turban with a slightly shocking 65-5
    Honorable mention: Porkjet(2.7RPD) & Omega Red(3.0RPD)

    Not: TJ Hazuki (49-54)going neg should not happen to a spider of this caliber, regardless his team
    Almost Nots:
    Jessup (23-8) & Sharks ​for sometimes abysmal placement

    Earthworm Jim vs. Targaryen: 15:00 - 8:41

    Line ups:

    Earthworm Jim Max slots: Oderus Urungus(5) wbm(3) Zidane(8)Thix(3)? Elite: Heaven(3) Veteran: olde(8) Rozay <ZH>(3) Amateur: afghan(3)
    Targaryen Max slots: Ogron(3)[->5] M_M God(3) Mythril(8) Hulk(3) Elite: Markmrw(8) Veteran: Holy Ship(3) Bellflowers(5)[->3] Amateur: Iron Survivor(3)

    Game on! We come in to this game expecting a tough match. Slightly suprisingly Targaryen is pressuring Earthworm Jim alot in the first flagroom fight and manages to trap Oderus Urungus in the left ear and kill him.
    But the joy is short lived, as
    Bellflowers dies to a beatifully placed burst by Oderus Urungus in mid, before they even get a chance at cramming. The game continues with another flagroom fight and this time arround the spiders of Earthworm Jim led by Heaven and Rozay show that the initial lack of agression was only because they weren't warm in the clothes yet. Bellflowers dies once again, mostly because his team lacks pressure and Ogron swiftly proceeds to switch himself into Terr. Thinking it was Bellflowers weak play that set them back I, myself wonder if losing Ogron made the spider line up too weak and the original setup would have been preferred. The game shows that if anything is lacking it is mostly his teams ability to push with Markmrw having a lot of only 2 rep life's and M_M God being the only spider with a forward button attached to his keyboard. Targaryen has a small peak in the mid-game where they get control of the flagroom and holds a good cram for a little while. However their sharks don't get south enough to keep Earthworm Jim out. Once in they proove again that they can put up alot more pressure from raw spider power and closes the deal, riding the game out with a solid cram.

    Hot: Oderus Urungus (37-5, 4 TeKs)
    Honorable mention: Rozay (105-47) & Heaven (105-47)

    Not: Ogron (41-20) once again with the questionable decision making and drop spots
    Almost Nots: Markmrw still sitting on that 2.6 RPD. We expect more from you.

    Terrorist vs. Lag & Luck: 15:00 - 11:06

    Line ups:

    Terrorist Max slots: Dreamwin(5) Turban(3) Porkjet(8) Hellkite(3) Elite: Omega Red(8) Veteran: Jammu(3) Tripin(3) Amateur: Captain Lonestar(3)
    Lag & Luck Max slots: Cranium(8) mcvicar(8) Kess(3) Trasher(3)Elite: Maketso(5) Veteran: AFRI(3) Amateur: RaCka(3) Spectacular(3)

    Coming into this game we expect it to be a close one. Maketso showing for Lag & Luck is huge as it means Trasher should be able to stay in spider for the entire game. Providing his team with some much needed spider power. As expected both teams come out of the ears guns blazing from the get go. The Terrorist squad gaining a small advantage in pressure forcing Maketso to take cover behing the sidebar. Dreamwin having his burst locked and loaded spots Maketso being stuck there and manages to take him down just as mcvicar attaches to get the TeK and give his team a early lead. The joy is short lived as a slight timing mishap by Terrorist sharks Omega Red & Porkjet means Lag & Luck manages to push back into the flagroom after just 45 seconds. There is a back and forth fight going on for 2 minutes or so before Terrorists manage to push Maketso in the right side ear only to force him to portal out into the mid base. As it happens Terrorists are lucky to have Captain Lonestar and Tripin in good spots to get into the cram area and finish off the enemy terrier as he tries to force himself back in. Cramming proves to be problematic as Lag & Luck once again make it in after only about 2 minutes. This time around Terrorists are the ones put under pressure in the flagroom but they swiftly find their footing and start pushing back. Lag & Luck however manages to win this fight on the back of a good push by Trasher managing to kill Porkjet on attach and quickly taking Dreamwin out after that. The Terrorist squad once again shows their prowess in breaking crams as they're back into the flagroom after just a minutes time. The ensuing flagroom fight has alot of back and forth action until Maketso manages to get the TeK with a well placed burst. A few minutes later they make it back into the flagroom during one of the weirdest lag spikes I ever saw. Nobody knows who lagged where and what. But this seems more like Lag & Badluck for the team that had been in control over the last few minutes of the game. The teams seem quite evenly matched this game, flagroom fights are tight and good. Terrorist manages to win this one on the back of one of the sharks DOA'ing on the Lag & Luck side. Cramming however doesn't seem to be a thing today as Cranium manages to lob a bomb in there to kill everyone besides Dreamwin on the Terrorist side. But the defenders get back on their feet quickly and swiftly manage to force Maketso to port back out into mid-base. Just a minute or so later however he gets back in with a tricky portal placed in the middle or the cram opening. But the Terrorist spiders manage to quickly chase him down and kill him on the back of a good bomb by Porkjet. At this point of the game Porkjet & Omega Red seem to have lost their mojo a little as they have problems to get the timing to work. Allowing Lag & Luck a easy way back in and moments later a kill on Dreamwin because of a shark dying on attach during a wild scramble to stay alive. Terrorist keep being on the verge of breaking the cram a couple of times but in the end they make it in on what is the most anti-climactic event of the game. Maketso lags out allowing the Terrorist team back into the flagroom at this point the game seems to be already over. Lag & Luck tries to race towards the flagroom but once again sees their Terrier lag out and that concludes the game.

    Hot: Hellkite (109-38) Once again stellar gameplay showing he is definitely one of the best spiders left in TW
    Honorable mention: Trasher (104-56) Keeps proving to be a huge force in every game

    Not: Sharks on both teams, made the game entertaining for sure. But cramming did not work for either side this game, needs improvement.
    Almost Nots: Maketso can't really fault you on the lagout but it was the biggest letdown of the game
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