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    As you all know, TSL finals are hosted before TWDT games. This week it's basing finals best-of-3. Now if this ends up going 3 rounds, its more than likely going to push TWDT back 30 minutes anyway.

    Just to be on the safe side of things and to give TSL finalists a small break before TWDT...

    This week's TWDT will be delayed to 3:30PM EST.
    (even if i slap major crisis in only 2 rounds, we will still start at 3:30)

    thank you for understanding and if you wish to complain go ahead and write it in this thread and i'll gladly ignore it.
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    Fuck this noise. Make base games 7.5-8 minutes long, keep best of 3. Problem solved. No delays.


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    30 min late, well i sure hope 24 can show!
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