TWDT-D Week 3

Disclaimer: I know close to nothing about warbirds, I just call it how I see it (or what the scoreboard shows as we cannot watch other games in progress since they're all at the same time).

I apologize in advance if I hurt anyone's feelings.

Targaryen vs Lag & Luck

Result of TARGARYEN vs. LAG & LUCK: 45 - 50

Week 3 saw another matchup between two of the likely finalists for this TWDT-D tournament. This match has some of warbirds last left juggernauts facing off against each other, for Targaryen: Iron, Mythril, and Ogron VS L&L: Racka, Trasher, Bacon.

Gods: Racka definitely has flexed his muscles lately, rattling off an impressive 14-10. EG superstar and minted TW superstar Bacon has continued to impress in all ships, pulling off another strong performance here with 13-10. Trasher did great as well with his 10-7 playing that passive style. Mcvicar did great as well pitching in for 8-8 as the mid/low? star.

Mythril and Ogron did their best to will their team to victory with scores of 13-10 and 12-10 respectively. Ogron has really been a revelation lately in ship 1, he will most likely continue to have these good games which puts the zone has his rating on notice being an 85 in warbird this year.

Not: Iron 4-10, would always expect more from one of the best warbirds left in the zone. Everybody has bad days right?

Honorable Mention: Porkjet for recording this match as I could not be there to watch.

Blind vs Grim Dawn

Result of Blind vs. Grim Dawn: 43 - 50 12 Nov 2017 20:25:20

Itís always good to see the underdogs of a league get a W. Grim Dawn wins a narrow victory over Blind.

Gods: Weak 15-6 essentially touched Blind in their personal spots pulling off an impressive week 3 score. Weak: Warbird God certified. Ixador and Zizzo pitched in this effort with respectable scores of 11-9 and 10-9 respectively.

Honorable mentions: Ra 12-10 and 24 12-10 leading the charge for the losers, Blind.

Not God certified: MC 5-10 for Blind, you blind man? lol. Same can be said for Temujin (5-10), stick to javing man.

Not gods for Grim Dawn: Jess 3-6 subbed out for what appears to be a respectable score for Henry Salami (3-3).

Terrorist vs Earthworm

Result of Terrorist vs. Earthworm Jim: 47 - 50 12 Nov 2017 23:38:30

This game had to replayed due to some confusion on player ratings. We played this after TWDT. This game saw the usual chest pumping from Siaxis/Beam prior to start. Letís leave the extracurricular stuff at home guys?

God Certified and minted: Zidane (9-3) subbed in for a terrible olde (2-7) basically turning the game around singlehandedly. Amazing sub, really was. I saw the I Am Zidane checklist and I am pretty close to being Zidane so I am close to being God certified by association.

Siaxis proved he can back up his talk with a God mode 16-9 scoring. Sia was zooming in and out/breaking our formations, cutting us off when we would chase their 9s. I saw beam (10-8) doing a similar move, to less effect.

Honorable mentions for the losers: Tripin 13-10 and Kentaro 12-10 did their best against the 3 headed Earhworm but it was not enough (close but no W).

Lofty also gets an honorable mention here for Earthworm, despite going 7-10, he managed to stay in until the end and not a bad performance considering he is the 6 star. I think he played better than his score suggests.

Not Gods: Itís hard to fault the lowstars in these games so the loss can be blamed on the higher star players dreamwin (9-10) and myself (8-10) (one of my more impressive outings if I say so myself).