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Thread: NEEDED: Steam reviews ASAP

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    NEEDED: Steam reviews ASAP

    In order to make the upcoming Steam Visibility Round as successful as possible, we need some recent reviews. If a game is well-reviewed (and recently) it will gain more attention in a Visibility Round.

    If you've always wanted to help but aren't sure how, please leave a review on Steam:

    (See below, a game that ended up in my Recommended and Discovery Queue. Unlike Continuum, it has several recent reviews. We've had maybe 4 in the last year.)

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    Can I leave a review on Poid?
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    Everyone should leave a review. Start messaging people in-game and people in your squad to leave reviews.
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    Did this back when the game first launched on Steam.

    Everyone who has 1 to 2 minutes to spare and cares should do this.
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    I would like to leave a Review for Qan, instead of using paint to put a red circle around recent, circle the entire line instead for ease of reading, I give that red circle a 1/5 star review.
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