Every Thursday to Friday mid-day, replace the Arena with one that has no rock, set red bullets to last 100 seconds, and replace cloaker with night wasp.

Youre boring, if i was sys ops, id do all kinds of fun mods all the time. Take a xanax to ease your strong panic, fear and anxiety that you cant have one to two days a week where you feature the "Strange settings of the week" for about 36 hours and try different settings each time although i love the above to be permanent in its own separate day. But making red bullets last crazy long or energy much higher with 25% more rapid fire or Levi has 20000 energy because its a strange ship and the team hasto work together to fire on it enough times to destroy while other team defends it as the mother ship, stuff like that. How come you dont think to do stuff like that and dont get bored without it or have mega anxiety or OCD that it, Trippy Tuesdays, MUST NEVER happen and items in the store MUST be 40% over priced because a single thors or a very very short shield is such a super big deal, we should over price them,

Come on stop being robots, make a Trippy Tuesdays event where you change some settings to be crazy for a while, you can think of a 1000 of these possible,

I dont understand. how could you NOT think to do something like this and NOT be overwhelmingly tempted to have and add this fun. I try to visualize myself not having any ideas like these and leaving arena alone the same 7 days a week, and i cant fathom it, its like im some sort of empty headed Anhedonic Robot or some shit. Hard to picture the lack of Spirit

Permanent ball changes:
hold ball timer to 24 seconds, warped if you try to leave more than 30 ship-lengths from outer walls of base with ball, ball not allowed on roof, if not 24 seconds, at least change the 11 to about 17

Attention everyone,. Heres the Tom & Jerry Duel for any Tom & Jerry Adult Theatrical Cartoon Fans out there (Made for Adult visitors to theaters from 1940 to 1967)