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Thread: TSL Finals - Reschedule or forget?

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    TSL Finals - Reschedule or forget?

    Greetings everybody,

    As you may know we had issues with show ups for TSL Finals. We've been trying to figure out a solution for the problem and we're open for suggestions regarding the finals. We can (re)schedule the finals to be played during the next weeks, for upcoming Sunday we can not schedule anything due to Superbowl Sunday.

    For example during next week we could run the finals as following: Tuesday February 6th 4pm TSLD finals, Wednesday February 7th 4pm TSLJ finals and finally on Thursday February 8th 4pm TSLB finals.

    If there is not enough interest towards the finals we can just call it a day and move on to other upcoming leagues or events.

    For next season we will be looking for some changes in the system to avoid playing games without a meaning. Season might as well end to some special week of normal games rather than to finals that has no meaning.

    Please comment and discuss.
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