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Thread: Trench Wars History Snippet to the 2020s

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    Trench Wars History Snippet to the 2020s

    Anyhow can submit this query, there is an overall history segment thought to share, since epinephrine has up to 2002 the rest can be summarizing from squad overall impressions through that time line. Welcome to feedback or different versions, might need to update that zone history since it is nearing the 20th trench wars year so that is what from this stand point would write about it.
    Post to share or comment no clue what would be made of the impressions.

    Elite towards the Modern Day Trench Wars(2002-2018)

    After the initial squads of Elusive, Siege and Onix, TW Elites and the such inclusive with Syndicate and later -FINAL-, there is a improvement in leagues and more squads with capable
    problem solving and riddles of basing striving in the ?go #mythrandir. Squads from earlier won however became retraction from these new fellows. Squads inclusive as Disoblige, Pallies, Light, whiterabbits,
    No Surrender, Anti-Scrub and Spastic developing even newer statistics with strategic advance to cram the entrances of base.

    Disoblige won a basing world cup, Anti-Scrub and Spastic real league medalist victories where squads as whiterabbits and No Surrender regrouping to salvage other victories.

    The huge later after those #mythrandir and private basing venues now became norm in leagues as basing and much of it became filler after the basing godly few squadrons which won most of the time
    after the veterans regrouping for different approaches and strategy especially the squadron nomenclature as 'Dice'. For many season this squad 'Dice' remain most undefeated until squads as
    Thunder and Penetrate became the new dice topping season after season of victory in that major league which is basing. Every so often another squad got a season worth of victory basically
    Pandora and a few others.

    Modern current is the pause of Trench Wars League with 'Force'(Star Wars of sort) winning above 'Dice' in the duel league and Thunder defeat to Cobra(Beast Transformer of sorts) and previous Dudgeon
    in Trench Wars Basing League, in Javelin the second score...
    won which place an finish to the usual squadrons that normally win. Some of these are still around to prove more can be done with less. The basing then became an individual achievement with
    new leagues such as TSL and Draft. These new league matches replacing the arenas as ?go base and #mythrandir which became unnoticeable once very popular. Though yeah whiterabbits won above the Floydians squadron
    as a side note - one of the strangest struggles seen in the zone second to the Cripples squadron not accepting high ratio spiders to their team. All 3 leagues are now in wait at;
    TWL-Season 21, TWDT-Season 15, TSL - Season 3...the game continues and it is the furtherness decision that might be in difference with just linear.


    With many of these squadrons still around(more than 50 if not 100) it is unclear which directions trench wars is open to prevail with deeper into that future where collapses gain
    place across the board.

    The league continued over 20 seasons (21 in total) as it approaches also its 20th anniversary(Trench Wars) - but will there be more on the same one - or just public matches among events...uncertain.
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