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Thread: TWD 2.0 begins Sun, March 18th

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    TWD 2.0 begins Sun, March 18th

    Regular season opener: Sunday, March 18th, 2018
    Regular season close: Sunday, April 29th, 2018

    TWD has been revamped in very significant ways for the upcoming season.This will run as a Regular season, with a playoff-format TWD Cup between the highest ranked squads in each division. Meanwhile, staff will help coordinate matchmaking, borrowing, recruitment, tryouts and new squad creation for interested squads.

    Playoffs: A playoff format (TWD Cup) will begin immediately after the season scheduled on Sundays between 1pm to 6pm EST. Every attempt will be made to ensure playoff squads can play, including special scheduling arranged between squads if needed. Details TBA.
    Schedule: As always, play whenever you want! However, this season, staff will be ready to help you schedule matches, borrow players, and recruit new members.

    This can be done at any time, but in particular, this will happen during TWD Happy Hour:

    Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday (click to show time in your local time zone)
    5:00pm - 8:00pm ... TWD Happy Hour

    What's new

    New ladder points system

    Positive points only! Every match you play will earn your squad points.*
    • Losses are worth a flat 5 points.
    • Wins are worth 10 points + a variable amount based on the difference in ratings between the two squads, similar to the old system.

    *Forfeiting a game will still result in a point loss.

    TWD roster management in-game

    Now players can apply to and be accepted to a squad via TWDBot, without anyone having to login to the TWD site. Assistants can now also accept applicants.
    !applytomysquad - Applies to your current ?squad. Assistant+ must then !accept
    !accept <name>  - Accepts <name> to your squad after they have applied.

    Streamlined recruiting

    Players are looking for a squad or want to change squads can add themselves to the Looking For Squad list on TWDBot, and have squads contact them. Squads looking to recruit new players should check this list often!
    !lfs            - Adds you to the Free Agents/Looking For Squad list.
    !showlfs        - Shows players looking for squads + TSL ratings if available.

    Organised borrowing

    While not a new feature, these TWDBot commands will be used during the season to encourage squadless players to join TWD matches through zone-wide messages and other efforts.
    !borrowme <dd/jd/bd>         - Will list you in !borrowlist to be !borrowed in a dd/jd/bd.
    !borrowlist <dd/jd/bd>       - Lists all players available for borrowing in a certain league.


    At any time, and especially during TWD Happy Hours, squads looking for a game, a player to borrow, or new members to recruit should use this chat. A host will be available to help.

    TWD Happy Hour

    During this time, the focus is on TWD. Staff will help organize TWD matches, borrows, recruitment and squad tryouts. Any squad is welcome to take advantage of these opportunities.

    • Help finding borrows throughout the zone with advertisement of !borrowme and !borrowlist
    • Direct zone-wide squad recruitment advertisements. (Either via !lfs or having them join an arena of your choice.) New players can simply ?squadjoin, reconnect, then !applytomysquad. Any assistant can then !accept. Build a large roster and take advantage of the positive-only points system.
    • Squad vs world challenges in TSL. Match your squad vs others using TSL matchmaking for an even balance.
    • Organizing squad tryouts. How you wish to do this is up to you, but staff will be happy to help you make it happen. If you want to create tryouts and are interested in getting a squad map to do it in, ?message qan in-game for details.
    • Squad match scheduling via a method coming soon.

    TWD Cup
    TWD Cup playoffs are held in divisions that have had sufficient activity during Regular Season, as deemed by TWD operators. Expect an official announcement on Cup divisions, slots and schedule by midseason. Qualification to TWD Cup will depend on squad placement in the Regular Season ladders. Top seed plays bottom seed. Best of 3 elimination.

    • Players on squads winning each division will be awarded medals to their TWD Player Profile. Their names will be added to a Hall of Fame in the respective TWD(X) arenas. Rule 9.7. applies to eligibility.
    • Players on squads winning the TWD Cup are awarded respective medals to their TWD Player Profile. Their names are added to a Hall of Fame in the respective TWD Cup arenas.
    • Captains of all active squads (as deemed by TWD operators) playing in TWD 2018 Spring Season will be awarded a captainship medal to their TWD Player Profile. Players must be captains at least 10 full days before Regular Season close to be eligible.

    • In broad terms, rules are very similar to before.
    • 3v3 is allowed in dueling divisions.
    • Borrowing players is allowed if both squads agree and counts for 66% rating of a regular match.
    • No cooldown period for switching squads. Abuse of this freedom will be dealt with harshly.
    • No roster limits, but in the name of interesting competition, try to keep it reasonable.
    • Assistants can now accept squad applicants.
    • To be eligible for TWD Cup participation and medals, a player has to be rostered on the squad at least 10 full days before Regular Season close. Though players may join after this softlock and still play regular TWD games with the squad.
    • Full rules text at:
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