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Thread: TWD 2.0 begins Sun, March 18th

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    Borrowing = good
    points for losing = bad
    Come on guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dierienow View Post
    and proven by your signature. Not moot.
    Not even sure what this is attempting to implicate
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricko View Post
    Not even sure what this is attempting to implicate
    What is this dude even trying to say I dont get his point anyways Ricko is spot on with this.
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    I guess what I am trying to say is the days of competitive play in TW are probably numbered. What does it matter if it's not a perfect system.. it's flawed already because you can just grab the player you want by asking some guy to sit out behind the scenes. Fairness is a process.. you don't get a competitive game by being able to switch out players.. if people don't show it's a forfeit/loss. The points for losing is bad but it's really just a part of it.. so what's the big deal. The fact that the guy you might shit talk who's on a different name might actually be someone with power over the game is retarded - it should be completely automated and unbiased. Talk about competitive integrity in this game in 2018 is incredible.. no wonder this game is dead.

    Also the point system isn't as bad as you think in a game with 16 active players. It's to encourage people to play more based on the idea that, yes, someone can accumulate points if they play a lot but if you're better you'll accumulate them faster. Maybe the points gained should be based on a number of factors rather than a flat 5, that way if you're skilled you don't have to play half as much as Jessup, maybe 1/4 or 1/8. Based on factors such as an internal ELO rating, number of times squads have faced off, etc., so that active players have an advantage but not a security.
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    Solid post, Dierienow!

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    Thanks SkyForger. Most modern games have some way to reward highly active players. Wealth in MMO's is almost directly correlated with play time. For many years League gave points just for playing, now they changed it so to get points you need to play well on a variety of characters. Most modern games have some built-in method of generating revenue also but SS is in its own galaxy clearly.

    That's why I would support earning some points even for losing, with the points based on a squad's internal MMR with zero-sum mechanism. That way you can still track who is a stronger team, but it's not the basis for who wins the league. Simply adding a minimum # of games played doesn't generate activity beyond a certain point.

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