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Thread: Basing Squads?

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    Basing Squads?

    I'm looking for a basing squad to join, not sure there even are any.

    Does anyone know which squads are competing in basing this season?

    Maybe everyone's waiting for someone else to make a squad? If ppl use the !lfs feature we can see if there's enough people to make some squads?

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    We have been talking about basing on Psyiagon. I just need 1-2 players who can steer us in the right direction. I tried talking Trasher into joining us months ago for that reason but he wants to stay on Lego. If your up for helping us in that department, please let me or Gass know. I am sure you could be a Captain as it is fitting for the roles we have on the squad. Gass is in charge of Jav's, me for Wb's and you could be for Base. I won't be able to game until I return back home next week but will be here and there in the mean time. Thanks bud. See you!


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    Sulake will base as soon as we find someone that can shark with wiibimbo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rab View Post
    If ppl use the !lfs feature....

    You rang?

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