Last night my hard drive failed after 10 years. Computer boots just fine but after I log in I get a white screen, sometimes the desktop, but then I get a blue screen of death after a minute. Running Windows 7.

I have two options I think. The first is that I keep trying to get the old hard drive to work, because if it works I can download Windows 7 ISO legally and respectfully and install it on the other relatively easy, as I should have done before.

Second option is to get creative with what I have. I have available: 2 hard drives (old & new), one laptop, no USB data cables, an external HDD with space, and a rooted S6. No Windows 7 disc, just a serial key that came with my desktop.

Looking for any easy help maybe someone has been here before and knows a simple solution. Open to other options such as Linux (must be idiot-friendly) if it doesn't require snail mail to send me a CD.

T. Hanks,