As the TWD2 season has entered it's 2nd half, it is time to share the TWD Cup details.

Format: Double elimination tourney.

Lose 2 games and you are out of the competition. Matches are played 5v5, no borrows, consist of rounds - 1st squad to win 2 rounds is the winner of the match.

Divisions: TWDD & TWJD

TOP 5 squads from the regular season ladder will be invited to the TWD Cup. If a squad refuses an invitation, the next squad in the respective ladder will take their place.


All times EST
1st - ladder 1st place, 5th - ladder 5th place, etc.
D1, J1 - game identifiers

May 6th

2PM - (D1)TWDD 4th vs 5th; (D2)TWDD 2nd vs 3rd
3PM - (J1)TWJD 4th vs 5th; (J2) TWJD 2nd vs 3rd
4PM - (D3)TWDD 1st vs winner of D1; (D4) Losers of D1 vs Loser of D2
5PM - (J3)TWJD 1st vs winner of J1; (J4) Losers of J1 vs Loser of J2

May 13th

2PM - (D5) Loser of D3 vs Winner of D4; (D6) Winner of D2 vs Winner of D3
3PM - (J5) Loser of J3 vs Winner of J4; (J6) Winner of J2 vs Winner of J3
4PM - (D7) Winner of D5 vs Loser of D6
5PM - (J7) Winner of J5 vs Loser of J6

May 20th

3PM - WB Finals Winner of D6 vs Winner D7
4PM - JAV Finals Winner of J6 vs Winner J7

Competition tree:

ATTN: Don't put off joining a TWD squad!

As per TWD rules - to be eligible for TWD Cup participation and medals a player has to be rostered on the squad atleast 10 full days before Regular Season close.