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Thread: Why hack me?

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    Why hack me?

    Subspace has really gone to shit because too many people are too scared to check bad people in its population. Cowardly pussies. I pity you all.
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    I'm sorry you are having issues fem. I wish I was a computer wiz and could help. I will mention this to qan and try and get his opinion. Do you know your passwords? Have you tried a new install if so?? The confusing part to me is even if your ip / name was hacked you should still see the zones in green and then be denied upon entry attempts into the game. I'll go to staff slack discussion now and let them know of your issues.

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    It's much more likely it's just a net configuration issue. SS is an old game.

    Have you installed any new software lately? Changed any hardware? Has Windows updated recently? Did you update your router firmware or change any router settings, such as UPnP, automatic port forwarding, port forwarding rules, etc? If it's possible, you could also try connecting your system to the modem directly.

    If you accidentally added a proxy in the game settings, or even typed one letter into the proxy settings, this would also cause this problem.

    I see the firewall rule is active. Is it referring to the correct version of SS? Have you tried the offline installer as well?

    It's unlikely to work, but you could also try a free VPN.

    And of course, you could always buy a $20 laptop and just use that for SS.

    Or, try calling your ISP. Your service fee includes support for this kind of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fem. View Post

    Subspace has really gone to shit because too many people are too scared to check bad people in its population. Cowardly pussies. I pity you all.
    Fem, highly unlikely someone is hacking you via Subspace. It is probably as Qan stated, a disruption caused from your router or Windows. If you are unsure, why don't you download Subspace from Steam and play it through Steam. Steam adds another layer of security for you if you are worried. If you tell us what version of Windows you are using and what anti-virus you are using, we could help you more. For instance, I am on Win 10 and have McAfee, in McAfee's firewall, I turn off "Net guard" for games that have connectivity issues, SS isn't one of them but I've had some games that triggered my firewall. Don't worry, you are not being hacked, I promise.

    PS:From time to time, I also experience all red zones when I have internet connection. I've talked to other friends and they were fine, so it's most likely something from my ISP that goes haywire to drop server or something but it's not because I was hacked, that much I know as you should too. Cheers!


    PSS: Just realized, you have Steam on ur PC, so maybe you already have SS through Steam? See ya.

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    It's gotta be those hopone routers fdskjk
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    2018 and we're still gonna lay this on those Hopone fellas.

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