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Thread: TWD Cup Squads and Schedule

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    TWD Cup Squads and Schedule

    Congratulations to Paladen - TWDD Regular Season Champs!

    Congratulations to Envy- TWJD Regular season Champs!

    Congratulations to all squads qualified for TWD Cup!


    1. Paladen - Confirmed
    2. Potenza - Confirmed
    3. ill - Confirmed
    4. Sulake - Confirmed
    5. Equinox -


    1. Envy - Confirmed
    2. Sulake
    - Confirmed
    3. Potenza
    - Confirmed
    4. Paladen
    - Confirmed
    5. ill
    - Confirmed

    !!!TO BE UPDATED!!!


    All times EST
    1st - ladder 1st place, 5th - ladder 5th place, etc.
    D1, J1 - game identifiers

    May 6th

    2PM - (D1)TWDD Sulake vs Equinox; (D2)TWDD Potenza vs ill
    3PM - (J1)TWJD Paladen vs ill; (J2) TWJD Sulake vs Potenza
    4PM - (D3)TWDD Paladen vs winner of D1; (D4) Losers of D1 vs Loser of D2
    5PM - (J3)TWJD Envy vs winner of J1; (J4) Losers of J1 vs Loser of J2

    May 13th

    2PM - (D5) Sulake vs Equinox; (D6) Potenza vs Paladen
    3PM - (J5) Paladen vs Sulake; (J6) Potenza vs Envy
    4PM - (D7) Winner of D5 vs Loser of D6

    5PM - (J7) Winner of J5 vs Loser of J6

    May 20th

    3PM - WB Finals Winner of D6 vs Winner D7
    4PM - JAV Finals Winner of J6 vs Winner J7

    Competition tree:

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    Schedule updated.

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