Historically, the summer months have always been the most difficult time to keep people logging in, for good reason. I expect this summer to be no different. We need to figure out what we can do as an entire community to keep this game off life support through the summer until ~September-ish. Some plans have already been laid out in regards to potential leagues/summer activities (I dont even know what they are yet but I know it centers around reviving TWD) but what I'm attempting to do is get CONSTRUCTIVE feedback before anything gets set in stone. What can we do as a zone to get you and maybe even a few of your friends to log in a bit this summer? Please don't respond with things like "Axe Jessup", "Kill yourself", "Pay me to play". etc. I have plenty of ideas of my own but surely there's plenty more to be heard.

You all complain about the way things are run constantly, well here is your chance to decide in advance how you want to spend your summer, should you decide to spend it with us. Do you want TSL again? Do you have unique ideas to revive twd? Should pub bux somehow be integrated more into competitive play (elim, belim, etc). Pub weekend flavors? Pizza Tournys? TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT. I can't guarantee that everyone will get what they want but I can guarantee that every 'realistic' suggestion will be considered and openly shared during the planning process.

With all that said, please keep in mind that regardless of what is done. Staff needs HELP. Not just in the planning stages but with implementation as well. A lot of the preconceived notions about Henry are just flat out wrong. He does NOT want to do everything by himself. Being staff is a hugely thankless job, I'd say moreso for our community than almost any other on the internet. People here are super quick to flame and tear apart anyone who is less than perfect while refusing to contribute anything of substance of their own. Obviously that doesnt apply to EVERYBODY, but its certainly the overwhelming majority. With just a few warm bodies to share the workload (Its more planning than anything) we can put a really good product out there for the zone.

tl;dr version:

Tell us what you want. Lets DISCUSS if its realistic and how to implement it. The only bad idea is the one you don't share. Consider helping us IMPLEMENT your plans. Staff is not hard work at all, just have to have a thick skin and lots and lots of patience.