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Thread: Elim - Changes & New Season Coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guero View Post
    I don't wanna be a bulling but, what about adding a shame comment when someone kills you too many times and when you've lost too many times, same way it works for the winning streak.
    Example: TOMA lost again! he should consider go back to pub.
    TOMA has died 5 times in a row ... can not even hit the rocks!

    Ranking should not be only numbers, also categorize like bronze silver platinum master.... depends on duel ranking ... kills statistics ... medals ...

    TWD champion here.
    The formula has been changed considerably to better reflect skill. The finishing touches are being put on as we speak, and when its completed I will share it so everyone has an understanding of how rating/rankings are calculated.
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    2:killergt> Gohan?
    2:killergt> Yea I fucked that kid last night
    2:PhizeY> from dragonball z
    2:PhizeY> LOL
    2:killergt> He thought he had stamina
    2:killergt> Fuck that
    2:Mastersword> lolol
    2:Mastersword> thats priceless

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    Accomodations and recognition is good. But those aren't primary motivators since if nobody plays the game then recognition doesn't really matter etc. And I always thought immediate tangible rewards work best. If you could go fuck up pub for an hour because of a huge win in a 15 man elim, I think that is a nice motivator.

    I WAS thinking like $1 mill in pub bux to the winner. But it should probably be lower, at something like $250k-500k for a win. 2econd place gets a pat on the back or something.

    Maybe I am incorrect but the current reward for winning elim is something like $1000 pub bux which is disgusting. If you are trying to get people to leave pub and play elim (probably a dumb idea anyway since everything is dead but pub and more people in elim = less players in pub) you should make it worth their time by a large margin. That's assuming real money isn't an option. Would be cool to win beer money or something by winning on a packed Friday or Saturday night. But if you're sticking with pub bux it does have to be a large amount since you're asking people to leave the fun of pub, maybe get forced on a different team 10 mins later etc.

    Also my other idea to just put elim inside of pub so people can chat and add to the overall vibe of pub instead of creating two empty arenas idk. If you just care about a cool new hang out spot for the Elite players of the zone who claim to never even heard of pub then probably medals will work not sure.

    My 2 discontinued pennies.

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    Medals and the like are definitely cool though. Ego is a powerful motivator as any and medals will appeal to certain players. They should definitely be the long term reward/achievement as you said.

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    Keep the arenas separate I guess. I forgot it's apparently difficult idea and maybe if elim is more of an event than a regular all the time occurance, it won't be so bad for pub.

    Definitely should be at least 250k per win, when like 5+ players are in a single game. I feel like that doesn't happen too often and is a good reward for when it does.

    Just like if TW had a $500,000 prize for the best wb, there will be people who never used a computer before trying to learn the game just for that reason. So we know that the problem facing elim or any competitive play is partially the lack of reward for the time you spent getting good/playing a round. Tiger Woods doesn't play at the $100 tournaments - not because he couldn't win obviously - but bc the value of his time is astronomical. It is not even worth it for him to stop practicing and attend.

    I guess what I'm saying is.. I hope 250-500k per win in a large enough arena sounds a little outrageous.. because it has to be in order for people to pay attention. It's not just competition with pub or other arenas but other games.. doubt anyone will care about FreeSpirit dollars being less valuable.. oh wow now there is some reward for being good at the game? Scary thought..

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