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Thread: Time for some pub changes

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    Time for some pub changes

    We had a really good round of pub last night, but there were some really obnoxious things that people seemed to agree were annoying and should be changed.

    Small weasel
    - Can too easily sneak into fr and claim flag, this prevents a team which really earnt a win from getting the win.
    - Proposed change: make the weasel normal size

    - When there are loads of levis it ruins the flag game, either because you're constantly getting bombed/tkd from outside base, or because some of your team is leaving you short of players because they're levs.
    - In that situation, it's right to ?buy purepub
    - But if the levis ?buy lolnope then the game continues to be ruined.
    - Proposed change: Remove buy option for lolnope.

    - Provides immunity rather than a shield. The player can fly into fr and claim the flag and there's nothing you can do about it. It's fully hax and it prevents a team which really earnt a win from getting the win (similar to weasel problem).
    - Proposed change: Remove buy option for shield.

    I also observed that after the good round, which was something like 20v20, all the players left afterwards. So a couple of rounds later it was only 2v2. I don't know why this happened or what to do about it, but it's something about rounds ending/starting I think. Ideas about this or anything else welcome, please contribute.

    Oh and this thing is stupid and should be removed. It's super annoying to get a flashy chat window for no good reason.
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