Being that we are coming to the soccer world cup and the fact
Me and Ricko were having a chat about countrys and the lines they would field of all time in warbird. We had quite a bit of fun with this but it would be awesome if other warbirds put in their countrys all time top line up and what ill do for some fun is put it in a tournament and judge who I think would win maybe with some help from some other old warbirds.

So rules are players are in their prime the best they ever were and this will be mostly based on TWL, TWDT and Elim

So I'll start with Great Britain

Ricko - Twl finalist and leader of Cobra

Vys - Played for -Final-, fantastic TWDT record and played with some top players

Attacks - what can I say? I'm the only brit to play and win a twld medal without riding the bench? I think....

Foxy- Old veteran another -Final- player, very highly praised in his day

Cumulonimbus- back in early 2000s was a superb warbird who fought for Melee in a epic TWLD final vs Siege.

Dumbrit!, Misled (before he discovered alcohol) , Ardour (before he discovered jav) Venomarse (before he discovered Satan
Demonic is she a she or a guy? Nobody ever really knew.

Britain line has a little clout buts its no USA or Finland but lets see how it does in the tourny.

Once we have done this we can have a look at jav.

So please send in your countrys all time star warbird line.