Hey guys. I wanted to do this thread for a long time now and yesterday I finally completed it. If I was in charge of Trench Wars in any way, the zone and all the gameplay would have gone in a much, much different and fun direction. Wonder how? Have no fear; I will try to explain in more detail each area as closely as possible. So let’s just jump in, shall we?

First things first

Before proceeding to the actual list of things that I would change in Trench Wars, here is what I would definitely do first. I would get rid of all the annoying idiots and cheaters in this game like Jessup, Ogron, 24, Tower, LF etc. Ok, now we can continue with the more important stuff.

TW Staff

This is where our journey begins. TW Staff as we know it is a complete and utter garbage position in our zone. Not only is there way too many roles in staff but also way too many power-hungry people in charge who don’t do anything but abuse their powers. So how could we have changed this and made it more enjoyable for staffers and players alike?

Simpleless ranks and better recruitment techniques. First of all, all the idiots who just sit in staff chat and don’t do anything to help the zone grow in any way/abuse powers/act God-like or just want to be staffers because they already got it from a friend or in any other way and have contributed absolutely nothing to the zone would be removed from TW Staff immediately. Also, all the staffers that are inactive more than a month would be demoted as well. Then a close inspection of the remaining staffers would be made to assess the qualities of each individual and to assign or invite them to a particular area of the TW Staff hierarchy. Once all this would be done, we would go on and try to recruit a few outstanding players with knowledge of TW Staff areas that still need attention and help, like for example TWD, hosting and helping new players. They would undergo a series of tests and questions to evaluate their character and the ability to be part of TW Staff. Only after all this is done would the next step begin.
TW Staff Ranks
  • · <Helper> - the 1st rank would be to get to know the commands and to help (new) players in any way possible (like <ZHs> are now). Taking help calls, giving advice to people in pub, helping new players settle in and generally keep the pub alive and rocking.
  • · <Host> - the 2nd rank would be the players who just want to host. They would still need to go through the process of first being a <Helper>, but if they really wanted just to host, this process could be done much faster. Learn commands of a <Helper>, learn the bot commands and voila – you can host to your heart’s content.
  • · <Moderator> - (or <Mod> for short) would be the people running the big picture. They would be in charge of different areas, like TWD, pub, trainers, developers (maps, bots, codes…), anything to help the zone grow and prosper. They would also have the ban powers as they would be the trusted leaders of Trench Wars.
  • · <Sysop> - the 4th and final rank of TW Staff. The last line of defense so to speak. They would not do as much work as for example <Mods>, but they would be responsible for anything happening to the game – if the bots die, if the server dies, if people have problems logging in, etc. Anything relating to the fluidity of gameplay and the game itself.

The structure of TW Staff would have been more simplified, easier to understand and harder to obtain. It would give players the feeling that being a TW Staff actually has a meaning and purpose.

Before going on to do any kind of advertising and game changes, TW websites should have been redone in a more clear and concise way. This means that each website should have been revamped from scratch and made more accessible and easy to use. Here are a few pointers on how this would have been made:

  • - trenchwars.org – our main hub. This is where all the magic happens. The website as we know it is dark, blend and without any character. Therefore, it should be changed in a way that new players and vets alike should identify it with Trench Wars and Trench Wars only. Simple yet understandable descriptions for new players, commands to use in game, a guide on what you can do in Trench Wars, how to participate in TWD etc. All the necessary information needed to get you started in one place.
  • - forums.trenchwars.org – the second most important part of our community. This is where all the feedback, the rumblings, the staff information and news should come from.
  • - TW Dev website – we used to have such a website but it has been down for a long time now. It would serve as a platform for developers to post their creations, where you could download add-ons for the game and generally help others with dev and issue related questions.
  • - Subspace Banner Emporium – the website related to making and posting banners in Trench Wars. I would probably merge this website with the TW Dev website as to not make too many websites and too confusing for the players.
  • - twd.trenchwars.org – last but not least, one of the most important websites we have. It should definitely be more colorful, have updated news, squad profiles from the past and the present (and their achievements, rosters etc.), a clear description of all the leagues and an updated free agents tab which would generally keep track of players joining/leaving squads, applying for new ones or just looking for a squad.

4 websites, redesigned from the ground up. That would be it. Sure, there would be subsections for other stuff, like cups, TWL, tournaments and leagues, but those could have easily been implemented on the original Trench Wars website and made into a new tab, like the Leagues one we already have yet is useless.