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Thread: Bullying, my own, and others, needs to stop. Let me be the first to explain why.

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    Bullying, my own, and others, needs to stop. Let me be the first to explain why.

    SubSpace was a haven for the sad and escapist person I was and I believe it provided and still provides the same to others in similar situations that I was in. Do people forget the depths of the worlds behind the computer screens used to meet and game together on a common server? I believe they do, even if they don't care, then they don't understand, or don't care to understand. Typical? Maybe, but one thing those who manage and host the game seem to forget is SubSpace/SubSpace Continuum's status as the first MMO game. The first. In my opinion, one of the best multiplayer games ever written. That requires that its importance as a monumental game be emphasized by both its managers and its general player population.

    What happened in the SubSpace community is a shame to what the game is and to its place in online gaming community. The bullying on Continuum reached a level of cruelty that no person on the internet should ever be allowed to have directed at them, and despite the ease of believing otherwise for some, there are people on that game with real feelings, real life problems, in real abusive situations, with real capacities for committing crimes against people. The fact that there are real hackers, which makes them real criminals, who play that game, and real criminals who are just generally mean and criminal for the sake of it. The anonymity and variety in the game's population presents the requirement that there be ways to guard the community from the behavior of those individuals. While most staff glossed over their responsibilities to manage the game and its community appropriately, often with complete indifference, others insinuated that the person being bullied "deserved" it, and other staff even participated in the bullying.

    Staff: You do realize that being in the position of authority that you're in, even though Continuum is a free, relatively anonymous game, you, all you, every staff member, has the obligation to act in ways that protect themselves and the game in which they are authorities from contributing to or allowing to happen obviously illegal activities. Everyone knows about the incident with Lil*Piggy, and the F.B.I. was involved because of that, and yet, staff didn't seem to learn their lesson. Staff, if you don't do something about the way people speak and are treated on that game, you are setting yourselves up for a major lawsuit because anyone who owns/runs that game can be seen as improperly managing it and it doesn't need to be a paid for game for legal protections to apply. Do you understand that I could sue for defamation/libel/slander (all three, actually) for having the information said in a private chat spread around the game unchecked by staff, to the point of it being said on the TW radio? You realize I could have sued for the bullying, and more than one of us who has been bullied off of the game could have sued, for there not being proper protections in place and people being mistreated in a public community? Where money is involved due to donations, and the game is run due to donations?

    I want each of you to know that staff's complete irresponsibility when managing the SubSpace community puts Priitk at legal risk because it is his game and he owns it. If a lawsuit is brought against anyone, who would it be brought against? Priitk, because he owns the game it it's ultimately his responsibility to make sure the game is managed properly. So what you people did was put me at risk of suing the everliving shit out of him and people on the game, possibly winning what the game is worth in damages? You are putting Priitk at risk of having his career damaged by something happening on this game. And if Priitk was able to get out of it legally, then the responsibility would fall on the next person's head. Do any of you understand how important it is to be in a position of management of a written, recordable community? Extremely important, legally, and ethically, for everyone involved.

    Instead, you have people who perpetuated the bullying, like danyell!!, bragging on the game about her taking intoxicants on gas station property, saying "I can do what I want, it's my property," and people are defending her obviously illegal stance, and obviously, since staff can't understand the legal implications of their job, would let that go unspoken, right? Or they didn't understand, or thought she wasn't at fault? If I need to sit here and tell a business owner how to run her business properly and legally, outright challenging to take everything I said to her to a lawyer to prove me correct, on a game, one of the main people who bullied me about the sexual abuse of a dog thing...if that dynamic is seen as without error then there is something extremely wrong with the community and with the situation at hand.

    I am not a criminal, and to attempt to ruin my reputation by bringing out such things a.) said in private b.) said in the context of not being voluntary c.) what I actually said at that time was a lie and d.) attempting to mark me as some kind of bad person for the results of actual and real psychological abuse does nothing but be as abuse itself, and abuse does not give the right to abuse in return. I mean, if people really want to know, I witnessed someone do it in a public area, my mother had me below the importance of farm animals, I ended up in fucked up chat rooms as a very underage girl about the subject, and was later, while still underage, talked into doing the act by the man I loved and respected at the time, who turned out to be a psychopathic Iraq war vet who had PTSD from an extended stay in Iraq and was not properly debriefed when he arrived back from his tour of duty. I didn't mention the abuse at the time, nor put it in that context, but I have problems, I know I have problems (that I am working to resolve), but those problems do not give anyone the right to mistreat me like that. Not just with one or two insults, but consistent and ever-present bullying, for years, over that shit. Take the snipes at me all day, but to continue, and bring it to TW Radio? To not post the actual chat texts that show I didn't speak of it with pleasure, joy, or desire, but as some awkward thing that happened to me?

    And now, my computer was hacked after more bullying on this game, and now you people are faced with someone who is capable of handling a thorough lawsuit being bullied the most, but you see, I'm not going to sue, but I can't guarantee someone else won't.

    So, instead, I offer my apology to the people I have mistreated myself on SubSpace, because I have been mean, even trollish, before, and I admit it. I was particularly mean to eN.yoU.Tee.Zee because it was a fondness turned sour. He said for months and months that he was working on a game, gave details, then, when he he offered to show me the game, instead, I was linked to what looked like (and probably was) a malicious website, with disjointed tiles, awkward colors and arrangement, and nothing to do with what he said. This happened in front of people, and no one said a thing. So, instead of being an adult about it, I behaved like a typical 18/19 year old about it and threw a fit because my feelings were hurt. I genuinely cared about his game development. I was interested in the details of his sprites, how he spoke of building this and that, and overall actually interested in what he was saying. So to have him pull a Ted Bundy on me pissed me off, and after yelling at him, started insulting him in weird ways that went out of the bounds of my usual control, insulted his Chron's disease by wishing for him a colostomy bag, talking about punching him in the face if I ever saw him, saying he should have a profile on a gay dating site, said he looked like a pedophile on his gallery, and so on. I said I hated him. I didn't know anything about Ted Bundy at the time, though, just that he was a serial killer. When I learned some of Ted Bundy's details, about his life, where he is from, and so on, and eN.yoU.Tee.Zee is also from Washington who lived with his grandma, and learned of his m.o. when he was killing, it made sense to associate that, because what eN.yoU.Tee.Zee did was mean, and so was what Bundy did as an emotionally mean serial killer. So I'm sorry directly to eN.You.Tee.Zee for being so mean to him afterwards. I specifically behaved differently and meanly towards him, and I'm sorry.

    So, you people let things like that happen on games? Unchecked? How many insults I hurled at him, even saying I'd hit him, went unchecked also, which reflects the poor community management mentioned above. I personally had to talk Manco away from COMMITTING MASS MURDER because he was doing everything else other mass murderers did before committing the act, and you people did not care to correct him or ban him BECAUSE YOU WERE AFRAID OF HIM? Why?

    Are you people trying to get Priitk sued? Are you people trying to get people killed? Hurt? Threatened?

    I don't believe there is a such thing as "stupid." It only is if people create it. So, staff, stop being stupid because you people are at risk of bringing serious legal trouble to the game, and I'm doing you a favor by letting you know.

    Why are you people so irresponsible with the peoples' lives you influence?
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