Hi folks!
A special 4th of July today! (if we have enough at team events we will do USA vs the world!)

Start Time: 5pm EST

Event #1: ?go cannons2

This is a wild and fast action event that tests your ability to use lots of of your ships abilities and boosters... rockets, decoys, portals.. u name it its in there !
Crazy black holes to make it interesting!
There is a couple balls in there that score big points... so for today its a 2 team point scoring event!

Event #2: ?go spaceball

Your planet is about to be crushed by a big sun! Oh wait.. theres 2 planets and its going to crush one or the other...! Help your team by being a cannon and blast the big sun into your rivals planet!

Event #3: ?go tkwars

This should be fun! The best tk'r wins! Yep.. no warnings or bans or shiplocks! Tk to your hearts content!
Deathmatch style!

Event #4: ?go usa

Well its the 4th of July so a lil USA fun...
Its a map of the USA with a flag in every state!
Point race game... 2 teams... 15m game to see who gets the most points.. The more flags your team holds.. the more points your team gets per kill!

As always we will be giving out prizes to winners and mvps!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!