Hello ladies. Gentleman.

It is at this juncture that I ask for a moment of your time.

I will save you the sob story of why I don't have a job and probably won't in the near future.

People start up fundraisers for all kinds of crazy shit, and hell, I have some skills why don't I offer them to the fine people on this game? After all this game has people from all walks of life and society, even a big-shot factory owner walks among us apparently. Floats. Glides. Basically there must be some among us who can help.

The Situation:
I have put myself into debt (nothing I can't escape from) because of weed. I've gone months and months of spotting, payday loans, asking parents, etc. and now it is finally caught up with me: there is no weed money left. It sucks but I knew this day would come. Thing is every time I've smoked for the last few months I've logged onto this game, except when my computer was out of service. I put hours and hours into this game because it's so casual yet so addicting and rewarding of skill, the fact that I could entertain people or make them laugh with my absurd or sarcastic humour is the cherry on top. Obviously it's incredibly fun for me as well and I'd like to continue expressing myself as this "character" for as long as it makes people laugh, makes people think, or just makes them go "WHY????". Without weed though I can't even load up the game; I get angry and frustrated too easily and the game seems quite boring. I believe the game is made on the social interactions and without weed I'm just not tuned in to the social aspect of life. Therefore without this drug I will probably not be seen on the game.

The Offer
If anyone is interested in rectifying that situation, so that I can continue to play this game at a "high" level and hopefully grow its population, I am accepting financial assistance on the order of, well, anything really but the maximum I'd need for this month I calculated at $140. I smoke about 1g a day and there'd be about 15 days left in the month. However I think I can offer more to make it worthwhile. So if you donated that entire amount this is what I would do for you:

- First of all I'd play the game (pub and elim, maybe TWDT) for 6 hours a day minimum. I could also take a ER position and host certain things every day maybe as part of my time obligation.
- If you're the sole donor, maybe even if you're not, I will provide stock market advice at no cost to you. So I will tell you anything good I find, and you can decide if it's worth acting on. I do this as part of my weed routine anyway, so it is no extra work. As for my skills in this regard I have a financial planning diploma (Canada), my highest sustained annualized return (on a simulator to be fair) was 56%. I believe I have one of the best minds for the stock market outside of being an investment professional. Even then I'm sure I'm better than many of the professionals, unless they are a trader for a living. Obviously the profits on this could far exceed the $140/month you pay me if you have the cash to work with. I'm also writing an e-book on the topic which covers investing/trading but goes much deeper into the philosophy of crowds and human psychology - I would provide this to you when it's reached a certain level of completion.
- I can donate the pubbux I earn from playing to you.
- Pretty much anything else you ask me to do. I would be a slave of this community, so if you want me to dress up in a warbird cosplay and have me stand downtown and record it, I will do it. You can be creative.

I am going to be taking a break from this game unless I have weed. I'm not trying to hold people hostage I am going to do my best to enjoy the game without it if I can. But if there is anyone who believes in me, wants to help me, etc., I am giving you guys the option. And if there's anyone who wants to take this game to a different level, maybe make some cash because you knew a guy on spaceships, then I can help with that as well. I respect anyone who chooses not to help, no hard feelings for sure it's just a luxury. I'll make it ya know. But if you do help I'm sure I can make it worth it for you.

-- Fock Space