I'm about to start working on the graphic that will be shown at A1 in all Basing Cup arenas.
As I'm sure you're all aware, the purpose of this graphic is to highlight the winner and runner-up of each season.

We will probably follow the format used by TWDT:

I'm confused as to how the player names are decided. Are these the people involved in the final? Are these the players who played the most games for the team (more likely).

Oh also, we can show a list of champions like TWDT too.

Again, I'll need the list of names from Henry/Mastersword. I think we decided that medals will be automatically awarded to everyone on the winning team who played at least one game, and the rest will be captains choice.

tl;dr I can do the graphics. I just need the following:
  1. List of players (around 8 or so?) to show alongside the main squad banner. Gangsta Shrappers AND Massive Attach.
  2. List of champions/medal winners to show further down. Gangsta Shrappers only.